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Holiday Hills Country Club

Additional Golf Course Reviews:
Rockport Country Club -- An OK Course for Good ol' Boys
Review by: R. Gorman There's not much to do in Rockport, so I was looking forward to some golf. First, let me say, "it sure ain't Orlando." But, in all fairness,while it is a short course, it does offer some challenges. Foremost among these are the bugs and insects. You also will see a good many colorful characters hanging out at the course. Many of them appear to be on oxycontin, however. The fairways are well maintained, but the greens are littered with cigarette butts and beef jerkey wrappers. For a private club, the players appear to lack the sophistication that one might expect; coveralls, fishing hats, and inexpensive golf gear. The par 5, 150 yard, 12th hole is a memorable and challenging one. Your tee shot needs to bypass a convenience store and parking lot covering the width of the fairway. It's a unique and fun hole! Give RCC a try, just make sure you have a roundtrip ticket out of town.
From Orlando, Fl.