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Hickory Hill Country Club
Pudding Ridge Golf Club
Twin Cedars Golf Course

Featured Golf Course Review:
Hickory Hill Country Club -- One and done
Review by: Kevin We played Hickory Hills very early on a Saturday morning, and we admit that overcast skies and unusually cool temperatures dampened our spirits... yet, the course was worth right about what we paid ($25.00 on a weekend). No regrets, but certainly not worth more. The clubhouse was minimal, though the staff was very friendly, and quicker than the eye at fetching a hot dog at the turn. Beer prices were reasonable ($11.00 for a six pack) and mixing and matching was allowed. The greens had fresh plug holes that created a new level of hazard we weren't expecting and the fairways were unusually unlevel. Lastly, get your water game ready -- you will need it! There was plenty of "plunking" from our pair!
From Winston-Salem, NC

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Pudding Ridge Golf Club -- nice
Review by: Dean nice layout with some interesting holes and it was in good shape
From greensboro, nc

Hickory Hill Country Club -- ok
Review by: Dean nice little course worth the money you pay and the staff was very friendly. i live in greensboro so i do not get over here very often but if u r in the area its worth a look
From greensboro, nc