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Pinecrest Golf Club -- Appalled at Ranger's Behavior
Review by: Unhappy Dad My 15 year old son and his friend played here on Wednesday July 7, 2004 beginning around 12:30 in the afternoon. From the time they tee'd off on Hole 1 until Hole 18 they were continually harrassed by an overzealous ranger who repeatedly told them they were playing too slow. When my son attempted to explain to him that it was the group ahead of them that were playing slow, the ranger responded "That's bull----, just shut up and play", and on and on it went like that the entire day. My son grew up around the game of golf and knows the etiquette. Every time the ranger confronted them, they offered to have the group behind them play through. The group declined every time even though they were on carts while my son and his friend walked. I know that if I, an adult, were with these two young folks that the ranger never would have said a word to them. Here are two 15 year old kids on summer vacation, and instead of sitting in front of the tv, or off smoking dope or drinking, are on the golf course and this "grumpy old man" proceeds to ruin their entire day. This course will never get another dime of my money. There are far too many other courses in the area to put up with such nonsense.
From Upton, MA