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Eagle Pointe Golf Club

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Eagle Pointe Golf Club -- Secret jewel
Review by: Mike W. This golf course is a very well kept secret. With elevated tees and rolling fairways that are bordered by trees it is a remarkable course. The fairways can be a lttle too wet and winter rules apply. Watch your ball during the fall, it can hide under leaves on the fairway. I like the first hole with the elevated tee box.
From Northshore

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Scott Schreiner Municipal Golf Club -- Nice Course, Poor Management, Misguided Rule
Review by: Kyle Funderburgh I have played the course approximately 6 times over the last two years. I love the layout of the course. It is always in pretty good shape. Good greens, good fairways, decent tee boxes. Number 17 is one of the prettiest (and most challenging) holes in the San Antonio area. However, I will not play this course again due to ONE of it's rules and ONE of it's management techniques. I have been told almost everytime I play that you cannot drive the cart into the rough. Well, I have asked at every other course I play in the San Antonio area (around 10 different courses) and no other course has this rule. And I have asked other players, family members, friends, associates. They haven't heard of this rule either. What silliness. The average golfer (I consider myself to be average) is in the rough 75% of the time. What if the cart path is on the opposite side of the fairway? What if you have sliced your drive into the next fairway? The answer to this is that you cannot be expected to play in 4 or even 4&1/2 hours if you must walk across roughs, fairways, etc. to get to your ball. And what if you don't have the right club in your hand when you get there. Yeah, I guess you can take five or six different clubs with you... But this still leaves alot room for error if you can't see your ball right away and find it stimied, or plugged, or worse... This rule makes this course a pain in the butt to play. Period. Therefore, I'll take my money and average game to another course. Oh, in case you are wondering... I am a 10 handicap. Change the rule and I'll gladly come back be back. The other problem with this course. There are a few holes where management has let the grass in the rough grow to over 12 inches (18-24 in some places). It is thick and very difficult to get out of. Fine. I understand this makes the course more difficult and challenging. I get it. I also understand that management desires the course be as tough as the U.S. Open (sarcasm is fun). But what management does not get is that if you hit your drive into this long rough and you don't have fans lining the fairways to spot you ball for you like the pro's do, then you are left to wandering around the rough like a little lost puppy. Again, the 4&1/2 hour round of golf comes into play. Here's an idea. Make the rough around 1&1/2 inches and it will still be tough to get out of, yet, you might have a chance at finding the ball and hitting it. If you can't find the ball, aren't you supposed to go back to the original spot where you last hit and hit again (Stroke and distance)? Yes, you are. But how many of us have tried this only to be glared at for holding up the foursome behind us when you get back to the tee box. No one likes this. And it would be so easy to just cut the grass a reasonable length. But maybe management adheres to their own rules and doesn't like to drive down the rough on a mower....
From Boerne, Texas