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Pine Ridge Golf Club

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Pine Ridge Golf Club -- Hilly and Woodsy
Review by: Perry Thorvig This ten year old course has some very beautiful holes. Unfortunately, the course if virtually unwalkable except by the most hearty golfer. It requires a cart. Some of the holes are very difficult. Number 8 requires your tee shot to be in a very small diameter circle in order to have a chance of hitting the green on your next shot. Number 2 requires a perfect first and second shot to just reach the green. The fairways are very tight and a lot of balls can be lost. There are some very rewarding holes too. Par 4 number 14 can be reached by the big hitter. The dogleg on number 13 can also be cut by the golfer who can hit a high tee shot.
From Minneapolis

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Hollydale Golf Club -- Hollydale Golf Club
Review by: TEEbo Hollydale is a public course located in Plymouth, MN. One of the reasons I like to play the course is it usually a walk up play. If the weather is nice and I have a few hours in my schedule I will run up to Hollydale. The course is not long, somewhat under 6,000 yards and plays relatively quick. You should be able to play it easily in four hours, if not faster. Holes are straightforward with not too many extremely touchy shots required. This is a good course for the mid to high handicapper because even a bad shot should still leave you with a playable recovery. The greens are generally well kept up but never get to the slick or lightning fast level even in the middle of summer. I usually walk the course and usually pay around twenty five to thirty dollars a round. If you split a cart tack on another ten per person. Hollydale is a course for those of you on the West side of the Minneapolis Metro that is a full 18 that will get you on quickly most of the time and will give you your golf fix and get you back to work before your day is finished.
From Minneapolis, MN