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Southern Wayne Country Club

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Rock Creek Golf & Country Club -- looking great now love living here
Review by: Happy homeowner and Duffer Since reading the review from Disappointed Golfer, I felt I had to comment. The drained pond was quite an eyesore, but the management informed the homeowners it would take a good amount of time to fix the problems. The pipes had to be engineered and companies don't just jump and make things like that overnight. As a resident and member of the club I was very ready for it to be fixed , now it is and looks beautiful again. The course is in very good condition presently. In my opinion, the course is very challenging with all of its water hazards and plays very long. I think that even the best of golfers will enjoy playing Rock Creek.I would love for Disappointed Golfer to try alittle open-mindedness and give our course at least one more try. It is my belief you will be pleasantly surprised.
From Jacksonville North Carolina