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Mount Airy Lodge
Mount Pocono Public Golf Course

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Mount Airy Lodge -- Best Course in NE PA
Review by: kyle westervelt This course is tough dont let the intro fool you..first hole is a nightmare second shot if you havent played there before so be sure to ask the old guy in the hat who gives you the ticket how to play the first hole...knowledge and shot placement are key to this course...the 18 best is very hard to decipher...but the course is beautiful and very will love the large will make you feel like your jeff maggert..but the greens are large and hard to read making you feel much like retief goosen on the 18th at the us open a few years back...the hotel shut down becuase it was stuck in the 70's but this course is as good as it gets in the wont break 40 on the front nine..
From boston mass

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Valley Green Golf Course -- INCREDIBLE
Review by: golf-a-matic One of the most exciting golf courses i have ever played on. With all the houses and shubbury that must be taken into play, the course can cause headaches with some holes, and pleasure on others. I recommend this course, exspecially if you know anybody who lives on the course! This allows you to personally get back on them if they ever hurt you in anyway. Just "slice" the ball and hid. Its that easy. And with the great staff at valley green with it's amazing women that look like they should be in a porn video, valley green golf course is the place to go. (Even if all you want to do is get some from the girls that work there)
From somewhere in Pa