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Rolling Meadows Golf Course

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Rolling Meadows Golf Course -- Relax, it's a game
Review by: nick Like to play it cool? Try the first nine. Like to climb mountains? Try the back nine. All the while, take a look around. Rolling is the word for it. Its trees represent a cross-section of the area's, with some pines best to keep hidden from New Yorkers seeking a Central-Park Christmas trophy. You don't want any chopped down. Oak, maple, birch, weeping willow and a dozen others, all as if lined up for your outdoor pleasure. Alas, some wooded areas may be so thick (sorry, but everything grows here) that I swung a driver with too much gusto at the sky and into "brush"--that was so thick it allowed no access. It was like a brick wall that spoke, "No way in here, buddy." ("Buddy" is a Pennsylvanian salutation a few degrees short of too friendly.) But hey! With the quiet atmosphere, with isolation enough to communicate with pleasant surroundings (except some brush), and with exercise gently imposed by rolling hillsides, who loses? Dining hall too.
From Mount Carmel, PA

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Rolling Meadows Golf Course -- Rolling Meadows Rocks!!
Review by: Mowry Resident Mowry is awesome!! golf at rolling meadows!!!
From Mowry, Pa