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Needham Golf Club

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Needham Golf Club -- Awsome!! A must go!!
Review by: Joe Brennen Amazing!!! What a great course. The staff are unbelievable and the course is in great shape. You have not lived until you come here!!
From Anonymous

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Wianno Club -- Wianno is a diamond if you are not in the ruff
Review by: John Daly A course that has something for everyone. In a place that is as magical, you won't find a more mysterious and enjoyable course to play. The greens are soft, yet glass. The diffuculty of the layout makes up for the long ball most courses require. A course that is in amazing shape, in a mystical setting, amazing. A pleasure to play with the fellow that srikes the ball of a different color, and who strikes the white one quite well too.
From Tenn