Neskowin Oregon Golf Courses

Hawk Creek Golf Course
Neskowin Beach Golf Course

Featured Golf Course Review:
Hawk Creek Golf Course -- Gasp!
Review by: Jill We went in September with beautiful weather. The setting is beautiful but literally, it hadn't been mowed in at least a week - not fairways, not greens - nothing! With some work it could be a fun course but it was only a nice walk.
From Vancouver, WA

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Coburg Hills Golf Club -- Toughest course I've ever played!
Review by: Sam Ropper Holy cow! And I mean COW. I almost hit one while teeing off. This has got to be the roughest course I've ever played. The natural theme works well, but I never was able to find any tee off boxes or greens. But this is not a knock of the course, just an observation. I wasn't able to finish my round (lost all my golf balls), but had a great time and recommend it to anyone who isn't bothered by poison oak or angry cows!
From Eugene, OR