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Pine Crest Golf Club -- This course has a rude staff
Review by: Mark Shields Exceptionally rude people work at this course, particularly the Head PGA pro, Jerry something or another, and the super. I only live a few minutes away, so the course became my "home" course as it were. But after having been a 20-plus-rounds-per-year golfer for nearly 6 consecutive years, I was not once ever addressed by my first or last name--not once! Nor did any employee ever do or say anything to help me with anything--ever. Every request was always greeted by a begrudging approach displayed by all, even the people at the snack counter! I never liked the staff or the course, but it was nearby. All of us know that the extended winter this year created an eagerness to get golfing, and I was no exception. Now imagine playing just your second round of the year when the following occurred: April Sixth, '05, arriving at the course shortly after noon, I noticed about 6 people around the practice green. No one was on the first tee or getting ready. The course's starter, an elderly man, was relaxing in a golf cart near the first tee. The club house is a bit removed from the first tee, so often--if the starter is there--I would begin play and then pay while crossing over to #10. The same was true this day. So I asked the starter to inform the pro shop that I would be paying as I finished #9. This allowed me to get ahead of that small group. I try to complete any round as fastly as I can. Also at that time, a single player in a cart joined up with me. We had completed 7 holes when the head PGA guy, Jerry, came rolling up in a cart driven by another employee. Apparently the starter failed to notify the clubhouse of my intentions. But I was immediately confronted by an intensely aggressive 2 men. I tried to explain my intentions, but all I got from him were such phrases as: "you understand me?" or, "Is that clear? Mostly, it was the hostilty in their glances that most annoyed me. I was not initially angry. I was just stunned to have been treated in such a demeaning way from people I had seen so often. But my anger did build as I finished the first nine. And I sought an apology from him. My entire logic focused in this question: Is the starter an employee or official agent of this facility? Of course his answer was a smug "no." I simply demanded to speak with a higher authority than him, preferably a GM or other type manager. Unbelievably, while I was assured a manager was on the way to speak with me, they called the Montgomery Township police. You should have seen the faces of several employees as the police arrived: like gloating little children who had just tattletaled on someone. In fact there was a small gathering to enjoy the show. Absolutely despicable, dishonorable behavior from so called PGA representatives. Of course I remained calm, explaining to the police what had occurred. I never did get to speak to anyone, nor do I care to at this point. I will never again set foot at that rude place. I just thought others should be aware of this. Sincerely--Mark
From Montgomeryville PA