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California Golf Club

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California Golf Club -- Great Value
Review by: Paul In my experience, California Golf Club offers a great value for the recreational golfer. I paid twenty-five dollars for a morning round (in season) and was very pleased with the course. The fairways may not be in peak condition, but the greens are fast and consistent. The fairways are typically Florida flat, but trees line almost every hole, making tee shots challenging, and recovery shots inevitable. The most unusual feature at California is the last three holes, which seem to have been lifted off of a TPC course and dropped on North Miami. Mid-handicappers should love this course.
From Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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Palm Valley Golf Club -- Great course!
Review by: Matt Wortsman I play at palm valley all the time. the course is almost always in great shape, and is very cheap to play on. This course if fun for the beginning golfer and the expert golfer. Every hole is reachable in 1 shot, even both par 4s. This course does not require a driver or 3-wood, even so, it's still a fun course to play on.
From Jacksonville, FL USA