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Apache Creek Golf Club -- East Vally Gem
Review by: Keith Let me start by telling you the staff here are some of the most friendly people I have ever met. They always have a smile and are willing to talk as long as you have time. Next is my favorite hole. Standing at the tee on #6 is standing at the waters edge. This par three is an island green, no fairway. You are eather on or in the water. Last time I went I spent six balls to get on, some to long and some to short. The rest of the course plays like a dream. The fairways are wide, the rough is not to bad, but stay out of the desert if you like your clubs. It realy is hard to make a shot that is not playable. Most of the holes have a good approch from the center of the fairway, but go off to one side and you have a bunker or mound to deal with. I play this course a little shorter and a lot strater than most courses. You can pay a hundred dollers at some coures in the valley and not get as good a round as here.
From AJ, AZ