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North Palm Beach Country Club

Additional Golf Course Reviews:
Legacy Golf Resort, The -- Scenic and forgiving course
Review by: Craig The Legacy is a solid resort course - tough enough to interest low handicappers, yet forgiving enough not to scare off hackers (aka - tourists - the financial lifeblood of resorts). The fairways are wide and open. The course description (see above) describes the rough as "forgiving". That understates it in a big way. The 'rough' is almost non-existent, as the cut in most areas of rough is as tight as the fairway cut on other courses. If you keep your ball on the course and out of the sand, you will have a playable lie. The sand, however, is what makes the course a little tougher. The par-3s are usually surrounded by bunkers, and the par-4s and -5s seem to have a bunker right where you would place a good tee shot. There is a large practice area, and a moderately sized (though not moderately priced) pro shop and restaurant. The pro shop's stock is light on equipment and heavy on apparel and knick knacks. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. Overall, a solid, if expensive, golfing experience, very suitable for visitors to the Phoenix area, or for locals looking for a treat.
From Scottsdale, AZ USA