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Norway Country Club

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Norway Country Club -- short but not as easy as it looks
Review by: marlon This course is short, and they havent got the irrigation system in yet, so by summer, its reduced to hard pan. Irrigation is coming though and a pond has been introduced to the left of one of the par threes to feed the system. Its a bump and run type of course because the greens are small, slope some, and generally dont hold a ball that hits them. The bunkers are in good shape. The course is somewhat open, with an easy to handle rough. There are a few nice bends that you have to work your ball around, and the potential for uphill or downhill lies exist for most every hole. If you're a really long hitter you will clean up on this course, especially if you can draw the driver. For average hitters, you better have your chipping game together. One more note, for an inexpensive course thats relatively easy to get out on, you wont find better views anywhere in the country. Breathtaking.
From rhode island

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Kebo Valley Club -- When in Bar Harbor this is a MUST!
Review by: Dale Moore I am a former employee of Kebo and miss the course everyday. I worked at Kebo during my college years and look back at the rounds of golf and know I had the chance to play a classic! I remember the descriptions I used to give players looking for information the night before their round. I can still go over the course and all its' little stories like it was yesterday (Actually it was 25 years ago!). This course is a throw back to the way golf was meant to be played. Think of any obstacle on a course and Kebo has it. The "up and down" has many meanings at Kebo - your shot, your game, your cart, and your attitude. Kebo makes a "shot maker" out of even the best golfers! While playing, take the time to enjoy the beauty of the course. If there is a more scenic course it must be more than spectacular! The course is challenging to any golfer, at any level. It is well maintained and fun to play because it is kept so well. The greens are a challenge and for the most part have been left unchanged since the beginning of the course. You'll need time to play 18 holes as the 9th is the farest from the clubhouse. Kebo isn't heavily played so you can move right around the course and still have time for other Bar Harbor and Island Attractions. The course is well worth the time spent. If I could play Kebo every day - I would!
From Michigan