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Whidbey Golf & Country Club

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Whidbey Golf & Country Club -- Great Secret
Review by: e. carrell Who would think that such a great course would be in Whidbey. The course has some challeging holes as well as some scenery. For some of you big hitters it has a couple of holes that tempt you to go for it. I wouldn't if I were you. Looks can be deciving. If they don't get you the slope on the 18th green will. Stick it close. A great secret.
From seattle, WA USA

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Whidbey Golf & Country Club -- Overrated
Review by: Mike If a visitor to Whidbey Island told me he or she had one day to play golf, I would -- without hesitation -- recommend Gallery Golf Course over Whidbey Golf and Country Club. Gallery is a far superior value. There is nothing seriously wrong with Whidbey GCC -- but there is little that is special about it either. A very average golf course that tries to be an exclusive country club. Staff is a bit snooty, and there is really no reason to be. I would not recommend Whidbey -- especially if you have limited time.
From Edmonds

Gallery Golf Course -- great
Review by: jake very cheap and changling
From oak harbor