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Oak Marr Golf Complex

Featured Golf Course Review:
Oak Marr Golf Complex -- Nice course
Review by: JRock Oak Marr is very well kept and is a refreshing challenge. The distance at #2 is very deceiving leaving most people scratching their heads; #5 and #6 will punish the un-straight to no end; and #8 is like island hopping. My only complaint about this course is the height of the rough. The rough is so deep on #5 and #6 that you're almost forced to lay up in the fairway rather than shoot for the green.
From Fairfax, VA

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Suffolk Golf Course -- Not bad for the price
Review by: Lee Holland I grew up in Suffolk and learned to play the game on this course at age 10. Are there better courses in the Hampton Roads area? Of course. But for the price, you'll be hard priced to find a course that is a better value. For a public course, the greens are well-maintained and the roughs and fairways kept short. The pine trees lining most fairways will challenge players to keep their shots straight. The par 3's at 6 and 9 are challenging shots to uphill greens. The greens on par 5's at 7 and 18 are fun and can be reached in two by bit hitters. Overall, I have fond memories of this course and I think you'll enjoy it too.
From Suffolk, Va