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Hyde Park Golf Club -- Hyde Park - Very Pleasant
Review by: Keith Helwig

Here is a golf course unlike the others. No ostentatious put-ons, no glitz, no ritz. The true character of the place shines through and you almost expect to see Hogan and company on every hole.

The design of the course itself is honest. It plays well and challenges all skill levels without unduly punishing either extreme. The layout flows quite well and your next tee is always close to your last green.

Hyde Park's low cost ($26 per round, including cart) allows golf to be a sport for everyone, not just the neighbourhood swanks. (Too many 'modern' courses are insanely over-manicured, solely for the purpose of sending your wallet up in flames.)

The greens don't run a 13 on the Stimpmeter but they're immaculately kept and true, without funhouse sculpturing. The entire place has an *authentic* feel to it and that's something that other courses just cannot buy.

Hyde Park is a true time machine. Delightful. I would have given it 4 stars, but I'd not want to alienate the folks who think a course not worthwhile lest the fairways be cut with nail clippers and the greens manicured 8 hours a day, or even the hardy souls who think any course with visible fairways is a sell-out. ;)

From Montreal, CANADA