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Prestwick Golf Club at Plantation Bay

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Doug Ford's Lacuna Golf Club -- Unkept but fun
Review by: 8184 We started out at 8am. We finished a little after 11. Never saw another soul on the course. I call that fun we played at our own pace and took as many reshots as we wanted. Now the bad. It seemed like only 1 in 4 sand traps had a rake near it. and the rakes looked like something from an amish farm. The sand traps also were littered with debris(palm fronds, big seeds and whatnot from the surrounding trees. We found it difficult on several holes to determine where the fairway ended and the rough started. And for a course like this I'd say the $30+ fees are a bit steep. Still we had fun so i can't give it one star.
From Lake Worth, FL USA