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Potholes Golf Course

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Potholes Golf Course -- Potholes Golf Course
Review by: J I'm not much of a golfer but I did love golfing this course. I've been to it twice and both times were great. There were a few reasons why. One was the price. Some more reasons were the sports collection in the bar/restaurant. It was amazing. The people were great and it is right by the Potholes State Park.
From Kitsap County

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Sumner Meadows Golf Links -- Great Course
Review by: Randy Wohlhueter This is an awesome course with so much potential in front of them. The course has had some financial problems and the more golfers we get out here the better. The city wants to tear it down and make it into homes. we don't want that. This is a GREAT COURSE!! PlEASE COME PLAY AND SUPPORT THE GOLFING INDUSTRY.
From Sumner, WA