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Blue Stone Golf Course

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Blue Stone Golf Course -- Are you kidding me?
Review by: Joe Bagadonuts I could landscape a better course than this in a week. I felt like I should have taken the little blue bus and wore a soft, pink, helmet.
From Yurmom, NY

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Winding Hills Golf Club -- Great Challenge
Review by: Jeff Casaly This 18 hole golf course, with just 4(?) par 4 holes is an excellent course to tune up your iron and short game. Located north of Montgomery, it is very scenic and enjoyable to play. I've played it a number of times, and contrary to the general description listed for this course, the greens are definitely NOT fairly slow! They are in fact some of the fastest I've ever played, and more than once have putted the ball off the green. This is coming from a single digit handi-capper. Par is a great challenge with these greens.
From Inwood, WV