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Pine Ridge Golf Course -- Paris Golf (NE Texas Style)
Review by: BKF For the average golfer Pine Ridge offers a comfortable, yet challenging, 18 holes. Beautiful NE Texas scenery coupled with A+ greens (for this area of the state) and the ease of concrete golf paths for the full 18 holes, makes play a pleasure. (The Paris Golf and Country Club cannot even provide you with 18 holes of super highway paths!) When you consider the cost and the fact that the course was virtually cut out of the countryside without a huge outlay for fancy, tempermental greens, Pine Ridge is really a pleasure. Not to say that the greens are no good - they are usually fast and well-kept - Bermuda - and easy to read. The course is well manicured - though you will find areas where grass just will not grow. But overall, the course is a pleasure. The staff is friendly and you will enjoy your play there. Give it a try.
From Paris, TX

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Riverside Golf Club -- jeuentes riverside
Review by: Johnny Fuentes The course is fairly easy. Make sure to stay on the fairways or you get behind some tough trees. Stay straight and you can shoot low. Get wide and you have to deal with trees and rocks. Greens are really good. Well maintained and good speeds. Water hazards are easy but are decieving to the eye. So play the yardage and you will be ok. Staff are friendly but the marshall will surely tell you to stay on the path. Tee times run a little behind but your play goes by fast if you don't have to search for your balls. All in all a good course. Challenging for a beginner but no too much to scare them off.
From San Angelo, TX USA