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Pauma Valley Country Club

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Pauma Valley Country Club -- Holy Smokes
Review by: Joe Schmo Wow...That is all I can really say. This course is amazing, and I love every asprect about it. It is long and requires some distance, and accuracy is a must. This course has given me both hell and inmesurable joy, but mostly joy. MUST PLAY THIS COURSE
From Twin Cities, MN USA

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Scholl Canyon Golf & Tennis Club -- Short but sound
Review by: Kip Putterbaugh (not really, that's just a good golf name.) If you'd like a break from playing behind guys who wait on every par 5 to go for the green then end up shanking it into a pond 50 yards to the left, give this place a go. I've never waited on a hole, and tee boxes are next to greens, so walking is minimal. Though you can leave your driver and 3 wood in the trunk, there are challenges to be had - that's right, you heard me right - distance isn't the only way to challenge a golfer. The front 9 is flat and straight forward - see hole, hit ball at hole - but the back 9 is different. The two par 4s are bordered by steep hills, and if you slice it, you're finished. Scattered between the par 4s throughout are pitch-n-puts, and if you're having trouble with your pitching, you better hope you're putting well - high rough and a plethora of bunkers exact a heavy price for imprecise tee shots. Now, of course manly men will say, "That course is too small for me and my big stick!" But really, when's the last time you saw one of these guys hit an approach shot to ten feet? Exactly! Plus, even on weekends, you can get around Scholl Canyon in two and half hours, so your wife can't complain that you spend every Saturday with people other than her. One warning: the only bad walk is from hole 11 to 12. It's about 200 yards, spanning about 200 vertical feet - hypertensives, take a cart.
From Glendale - where else?