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Reeves County Golf Course

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Plantation Resort Golf Club -- Not worth the money
Review by: Steve H One general observation I would make about this course is that $58 is way too much to pay for service and conditions that are certainly no better than most Texas municipal courses. That said, there are plenty more reasons to avoid this place like the plague. First, there are several really quirky holes that require trick shots and a whole lot more knowledge and luck than the scorecard and GPS can provide. Secondly, while they are in decent condition, the greens do not roll true at all, because they are uneven, and trying to make a three foot putt is like playing the slots in Vegas. Also, the course is lined by 2,000 to 2,500 sq. ft. patio homes that were probably built in the late 70's. They are so close to the course that even straight hitters will likely find themselves banging one off someone's roof eventually. One particularly distasteful stretch was on a par five that runs parallel to some high tension electric lines (which I almost hit on my drive). The area below these lines is in play, but the turf is so chewed up by heavy equipment, and the mud is so rancid smelling, it's like playing in a construction zone adjacent to a sewage treatment plant. And finally, after enduring assaults to your senses of sight and smell, the experience would not be complete without an assault to the auditory sense as well. If you can avoid the distraction of little kids squawking out their windows, teenagers honking their horns as they race past the tee box during your backswing, and the cackling of amorous mallards chasing down a potential mate, it is unlikely that you will be able to ignore the continuous chorus of barking dogs that line the backyard fences on just about every hole. Adding insult to injury was the fact that the cart girls had only two types of beer to offer. Lastly, as you glance at your watch and realize you've been at it for 4.5 hours, you begin to feel some relief that the round should soon be ending, except reality kicks in when you look up and realize you're only on the 15th hole.
From Phoenix, AZ