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Plausawa Valley Country Club

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Plausawa Valley Country Club -- challenging
Review by: Nelson Dionne The course consists of two very different nines, one 40 yrs, other 15 years old. The front is situated on farmland and is relatively open with water on five holes. The greens are large and receive shots well. The back nine meanders through wood and has the Saucook river coming into play on three holes. This part of the course depends on good shot-making as the course is narrower and requires shooting to exact areas of the greens, due to undulations and levels, The course features a treat to your eyes and is a pleasure to play, even if your score is not up to par. Generally, an enjoyable course to play.
From NH

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Twin Lake Village Par 3 Golf Course -- No Stress Golf!
Review by: Paul Rodriguez I play this course every summer. If you're looking for high class, top drawer golf, this is not it. This is a wonderful, stress free, walk-through-the-park type golf. I've played it as a beginner and enjoyed it thoroughly. I've played it as an intermediate player and still love playing it. It's as if you built a golf course in your own backyard (if you had a few acres) -- this is what it would look like.
From Marlborough, MA