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Fox Creek Golf Club -- A Best Buy in StLouis Metropolitan Area
Review by: David Johns I will start by saying that while I am only 24 years old, I have been an avid golfer since age 7. I haven't played a huge number of courses in my lifetime, but I know a good course when I play one, and I know a bad course as well. I personally feel that this course plays better than the more well known Sunset Hills CC also in Edwardsville, while not requiring membership/friendship to play. I've played the Bay Point Lagoon Legend in Panama City (known to be one of the 5 toughest courses in the US), and I truly don't think it has much on Fox Creek difficulty wise. The trees alone on Fox Creek truly play havok with any shots that aren't riding the middle of the fairways. Several greens have large trees that block approach shots that aren't setup off the tee correctly. A smart player will leave his driver in the bad on most tees (unless you are confident in your big stick), however, due to the course's length, approach shots end up being taken with mid-to-long irons more than one would like. Couple this with water or OB on nearly every hole and multi-tiered undulating greens and you are looking at one tough course. The best part about this course is the low price. You can play for dirt cheap in my opinion for as fine a course as this one. The only knock in my book is that the course does not wear well through the year, either due to climate or an average greens-crew. So if you want to play a great course for a bottom dollar price, come early in the year (April-May). I promise you won't be disappointed.
From Edwardsville, IL, USA