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Pierce Community Golf Course

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Highlands Golf Club of Lincoln, The -- Not bad
Review by: steve Highlands is a wide open course with few OB stakes. The major hazards consist of fairway and green bunkers while the rough is a mix of indigenous grasses and weeds that really make you itch like crazey if you have to walk into it. This grass is about 8-10 inches tall but generally pretty thin except on cerain holes where you can kiss your ball goodbye if you go into it. The course is fairly fun and is a good course for the power hitter and a couple of the par 4's are reachable from the tee. Overall the course is well maintained. It is not going to be a really challenging course but generally makes for a relaxing day of golf. Things to improve on is marshalling the course better and keeping the speed of play picked up. Can sometimes get backlogged because Joe never golfed before, has to learn the game for the first time 5 groups ahead of you.
From Canon city, Colorado USA