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Thomas Carvel Country Club

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Thomas Carvel Country Club -- Not worth the trip
Review by: Mr. Phounk First off, let me just say that this is a beautiful course asthetically. Some of the views are the best in the Hudson Valley, and definitely warrant a few seconds to gaze and soak in. With that said, let me let out some beef. Granted, I played towards the end of the golfing season (September, 2005). So, the course itself has probably seen better days. But, I've never seen dust clouds form when a chip lands on the green. Also... I'm not a fan of blind fairways. At points, you waste more time driving up to make sure you're not hitting into the group in front of you as they search for their balls which they had no chance of seeing land. One BIG beef I had was that the yardage markers were non-existent. You think you are 100 yards away, but then realize that there are tons of red sticks marking a hazard. You think you're 200 yards away, but realize that they also spray their spinklers a convenient blue to make it easier for the landscapers to water the dusty fairways. Towards the end of the round, I've practically given up keeping score, and was more concerned with dusting myself and my bag off from all the dust. Oh yeah... did I mention that the cart paths aren't paved... but basically dirt roads with fist sized rocks that you should ride an H2 rather than a cart.
From New York

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Kis-N-Greens Golf Course -- Update
Review by: Concerned in Alden The course has been expanded to 18 holes, par 72. The fairways are improved over the condition that they were in a year ago. Some greens have been expanded, with more to follow. 400 trees have been added to the course as of 2003. The trees are small but will help distinguish fairways from rough. Water comes into play on 6 holes. No sand, and the tee boxes need work (leveling) maybe some irragation on the fairways (more ponds needed). Overall, satisfied with course, wind makes it more difficult than it looks, and greens are deceiving.
From Alden, NY USA