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Byron Hills Golf Course

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Byron Hills Golf Course -- Byron Hills, What day is it?
Review by: John Bailey Depending on the day, Byron Hills can either offer a pleasant diversion for a summer day, or the golf equivalent of World War III. The character of the course changes dramatically depending on Pin and Tee placements. Hole #5 is a perfect example of this phenomenon. If the pin is placed in the middle to back of the green, it is very approachable and in some locations, the ball will collect near the hole. If the pin is placed in the front, it is nearly impossible to putt and keep the ball on the green if you are above the hole. When the summer heat hits, the greens become very firm, lightening fast and the nearly impossible becomes the absolutely impossible. The staff is friendly and courteous. The course is kept in excellent condition and the carts are mint. To sum up, the course provides an excellent test of shot making and course management, with plenty of opportunity to play the "Risk/Reward" game thrown in as a bonus. I enjoy Byron Hills very much and you probably will also.
From Bettendorf, IA

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Old Orchard Country Club -- Leave the Driver in the Bag
Review by: RT Leave the driver in the bag is the best way to approach many of the holes on this short but difficult course. As you can see by the yardage it is not long, but take one look at the slope rating and you will see that you are in for a test (from the tips). Putting the ball in play off the tee will save you many strokes versus knocking it in the many, many trees which line the fairways. Number 1 is a perfect example, put the big dog away, and hit it down the middle with your 3 wood. No sense starting off with a big number. Number 3 is a test of your mid-irons. It goes over ponds to a narrow green. Long is definately not good as you will go over a mound (hill) guarding the back of the green. Your chip back will not be fun (Mickelson would have a challenge with that one). There are many good holes, but I believe the signature hole is the par 3 17th. They are in the process of re-doing the hole, but it is still great. From the tips you have to thread your tee shot through trees to a green guarded on three sides by water. Sound easy? Oh, did I mention that this par 3 is 230 yards long? Tough hole. The course is a little pricey, but check, they usually have early morning deals during the week and it's a bargin.
From NW IL