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Portage Hills Country Club

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Bath Country Club -- Not for a big hitter
Review by: Erik Ingmundson I play at Bath Country Club on a fairly regular basis, and I have always found it to be a very challenging, yet enjoyable course. The greens are very tricky. Some of them are very fast, and others are extremely slow. Putts usually don't break the way you think they will. The course is not very long at all. Normally, I drive the ball between 260 and 280, but I constantly find myself reaching for 5 woods, 3 woods, and long irons off the tee. At this course, control takes precidence over distance. You're better off hitting it 210 yards straight down the fairway than 270 yards off to the left or right. If you miss the fairway or green, as I soon discovered, the course is VERY unforgiving. One bad shot could potentially cost you three or four strokes. All in all, this is a great course for any golfer. It is short enough for the light hitters, and tight enough to challnege the big hitters. The key to playing well here is not being overly-agressive, but rather, just playing the safe shots. Have fun!
From Woolwich, ME