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Maple Crest Golf Course

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Maple Crest Golf Course -- Best Course EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Review by: Jerod It is the best course ever. It is kid friendly and adult fun Ilove it. It is The Best course in the world I love it and I learn how to play the game there. THe best 9 holes with great peopple to help you. Best food in the World.

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Maple Crest Golf Course -- Fun and Relaxing
Review by: John Miko It is a wonderful place to learn the game (at a super price). The owners are great and the patrons make fun. Hit'em straight!!!
From Portage, PA

Maple Crest Golf Course -- Fun for beginners and high handicappers
Review by: Joe Gribbin I've played in a league on this course for over 10 years. Yeah, the course isn't the greatest, but for $8.00 for 9 holes, who complains. The course is not long, the fairways are usually pretty decent and the green are smallish. It's a great course to learn the game and penalizes those who swing wildly. You learn to control your swings pretty fast! Oh, and the people are great. No pretenses here. It's just small town, honest folks providing a nice golfing experience, good food, daily specials, and you can always find someone to 'hit 9' with you. I take my brothers here to golf when they come to visit. Even though they only play here once or twice a year, they are treated like old members by the staff and other golfers.
From Portage, Pa