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Old Oaks Country Club -- Tight Driving Holes, Long Finish, Beautiful Track
Review by: NJ Golfer I have played this course about ten times as a guest. It is one of the best tracks I have ever played. You must be a long driver and if you can't work the ball, you'd better be able to hit your targets. On the Par 4s and 5s, you really only have 50% of the fairway to work with if you want to get on in regulation. Anything hit in the rough is tough because the grass ain't short out there. To sum it up, bring your A game and you will have a great experience. The track is well kept by the staff, the caddies are good and the long scenic finishing holes require stamina and focus. These last two (a long 4 and a super long 5) are beautiful and will destroy your round.
From New Jersey

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Brae Burn Country Club -- top course
Review by: Tom Burr beatifully kept!
From New York, NY USA

Blind Brook Club -- this highly secluded club is wonderful
Review by: caddy This course is not the most chalnging (but still holds its own), but is absoloutly gorgious. Walking the fairways feels like walking on a carpet. The condition of the Range is spectacular, it alnost makes me cry, the grass is the same as the courses. The range also has 5 real greens kept in that same condition. The pristine contition is posable due to the little amount of play it gets. but this rolling course has very sudle greens and the course is deciving, don't be affraid to ask the caddies because it is not as easy as it seems, even with the limited water hazards on the course.
From Rye Brook, New York