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Cedar Ridge Golf Course

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Saddle Rock Golf Course -- The most fun golfing that I have ever had...
Review by: Craig It's been a couple of years since I played this one, so I don't remember a lot of hole-by-hole details, but this course is a blast! There was no such thing as a flat hole, even on the par-3s. This course definitely encourages keeping your shots on the fairway - the rough gets deep and unforgiving very quickly. To put it in perspective, when I played there with my brother-in-law and his best friend, between us, in 18 holes, we lost 37 golf balls. And were smiling the whole time. The course was lush and well-maintained (this was before the drought hit full force. I'm not sure what it is like today.) If the course is open, though, I heartily recommend it.
From Scottsdale, AZ USA