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Saranac Lake Golf Club

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Rye Golf Club -- Great Town Course
Review by: A Keith With many blind shots and the most picturesque turn of any course in the area, Rye Golf provides a solid challenge. Each nine can be challenging but I've found the front nine to be harder. The blind drives on #2, #4, #6 and the blind approach shots on #5 and #7 leave you holding your breath and hoping as you go over the hill. Disappointment tends to be the rule. The tee box at #8, which overlooks the town marina is one of the prettiest spots in town. The uphill par 3 to start the back followed by a 560 yd par 5 can knock the wind out of a promising game. #13, #15 and #16 are deceptively long par 4s which require a decent drive to be going for the green in 2. #18 is definitely a signature hole with another blind drive or second shot with an approach towards to Castle. A good, undulating course, very hard to find a flat lie.
From Rye, NY