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Country Club of Reese

Additional Golf Course Reviews:
Kensington Metropark -- Another fine Metropark course
Review by: Balbsy Kensington Metropark golf course is easily enjoyed by golfers of all skill levels. Numerous wider than average fairways and large greens make for a pleasurable round for the beginner. As for the skilled player, doglegs and a few well-positioned bunkers will give challenge as club selection is made. Pace of play, even at peak times, is maintained. As for the staff, expect to find a very friendly and helpful group of people. Two reasons cause me to not give Kensington Metropark Golf Course a higher rating. The first is that the course is alongside a major freeway (I-96). The roar of 70 m.p.h. traffic cannot be ignored, especially while playing the holes bordering the freeway. The second reason for a lower score is the required $4.00 entrance fee that is collected for entering this Metropark. Just golfing for the day and not utilizing the park's various offerings matters not. Four bucks for each vehicle is the day's bottom line. Understand, other Metropark courses do not force golfers to pay this fee (Willow, Erie, etc.). Kensington does charge. Keep this in mind as you drive up to the gate...
From Toledo, OH