Rehoboth Massachusetts Golf Courses

Crestwood Country Club
Hidden Hollow Country Club
Hillside Country Club
Middlebrook Country Club
Pine Valley Country Club
Rehoboth Country Club
Sun Valley Golf Course

Featured Golf Course Review:
Crestwood Country Club -- Crestwood Review
Review by: Scott T. Petrocchi If your not driving the ball in the fairways, your gonna have problems. The rough can get long during the summer, and not very often will you have a straight putt. The course isnt very long but you must know where to put your tee shot. If your playing well you can shot low, if your not, spend some time on the range.
From Providence , RI. US of A

Golf Courses: Additional Golf Course Reviews:
Rehoboth Country Club -- Awesome
Review by: Bob German kid complains, but the course is in good condition. Plays long and is a good course for winey Germans and Matt cole like women
From Montaroe, WAz

Rehoboth Country Club -- Greens like a Shag Carpet
Review by: Mark Hutton The greens are like a shag carpet. Very slow and un-true. You can forget having a normal round. The greens will cause you to two and three putt until you zero in on the speed needed. Do not attempt to play a different course w/out practicing you putting because you will be blowing the ball by the hole by 6-7 feet on a normal green.
From Rhode Island