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Augusta Golf Course -- A "Patch" of Memories
Review by: Jake When I have a chance to come back to Augusta and play a round of golf with my friends I always want to go to the Augusta Golf Course, better known as the "Cabbage Patch". It was here back in the early 60's that I first set foot on a golf course. The course has changed a little since then and I believe it is in better shape overall today. Built back in the days when golf equipment was just starting to get mass produced and more refined it is still very much a challenge to the average golfer. Take the 1st hole, a 478 yd par 5, a short par 5 by modern course standards. The green is small with a slope from left to right and guarded by a small deep bunker in front. Hitting this green in 2 good shots is easy enough but trying to hold the ball on this small green is very difficult. I always liked the 2nd hole because it is downhill and was very receptive to a fade. But here again the trouble is on the green which is raised and the second shot has to be struck just right. The 3rd hole is uphill and the tee shot is over a pond. I miss the old wooden bridge that used to be there. The 4th hole requires a tee shot over a small pond that does not come into play unless you are a junior golfer or you hit a "worm burner". The green here is large enough and like the 2nd and 3rd holes I don't remember any bunkers. The 5th is uphill and requires a draw because if you hit it long and straight some pines along the right will come into play. The green is nice and slopes from back to front. Missing the green on the back or left is punishing because of the height required to get the ball back on the green. The 6th is a nice par 5 that goes down and then back up to an elevated green. That old pine on the left used to give me fits when I was younger. The 7th is a downhill par 3 with a green that slopes from back to front. The 8th is a par 4 with deep woods on the left and dry sandy rough with trees on the right. A formative bunker guards the right front part of the green. The 9th is a nice open par 4 with the fence of Daniel Field Airport guarding the left and a sloping fairway that can guide your ball toward the 1st fairway on the right. This green is very narrow and slopes a little from back to front. The old Army barracks that served as the clubhouse for many years is now gone and has been replaced by a nice new clubhouse. It was after the 9th hole that my friends and I would go into the old clubhouse that was situated near the 9th green and grab a Coke and a hotdog before we started the 10th. "Red" Douglas was always there with his wife to help and serve. Of course as we got older the Coke was replaced by a Bud (or 2). I miss the smell and atmosphere of the old clubhouse. I remember black caddies back in the early 60's waiting to take someones bag and men playing cards back in the old locker room. On Saturday's the Irish Mafia had their group playing. There were no tee times then, just a metal ball rack that you put your golf ball in and when your ball came up your group teed off. If you are used to country club type conditions where you normally play then you will probably be critical of the conditions at the "Patch". I have in later years likened the "Patch" to courses not unlike the ones used in the British Open. Conditions may not be perfect but the idea is to get a little white ball into the hole and everyone is playing in the same conditions. The nostalgia of this course brings me back again and again. The 10th is a short par 3 with bunkers and can be a lot of fun. The 11th is an uphill par 4 that requires a long second shot that most of the times is blind. The green is very large here. The 12th used to be a par 4 many years ago but has been changed to a par 5. It is downhill and reachable in 2 with a good second shot. No bunkers here. The 13th par 4 is a good driving hole and if you nail it the green is reachable with your drive. The 14th par 3 has always been a favorite of mine. The iron shot over the pond to the green is as classic as any shot in golf. The 15th par 4 is changed from the one I remember so fondly. I have played it only twice in it's new form and I believe it goes down from the tee and the second shot is uphill. The 16th par 4 requires a fade and the trees on the right can be a problem if you fade too much. The 17th par 3 is long at 197 yds and par is a good score. Missing the green left here is not good at all. The 18th has changed from the one I remember so there is not much I can say about it except stay away from the massive ant hills that line the right side. All in all the "Patch" is a good course to play and a great place to learn the game.
From Redwood City, CA, USA