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Toad Valley Public Golf Course -- A wonderful time
Review by: Bae My dad has golfed at toad valley for years and has a season pass. Now that my brother and I have taken up golf again, we decided to go and check out the haven that is toad valley. The course is beautiful! Rarely here in the Des Moines area do you get to see so much nature on the golf course and that makes it such a relaxing and intimate experience. The course is tough for beginners as you have plenty of chances to hit the ball in another fairway or into the water, but that's what we all go out for right? We did encounter a very rude patron there who told us we had no right to be on the course and didn't know any etiquette but hey, I found out he was wrong so I can't wait to meet up with him again. He did make the experience not as great as it could have been. On the other hand he did push me to play better that day. Out of all the non private courses in the Des Moines area, I rank toad valley as one of the best.
From Des Moines, Iowa