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Whispering Oaks Golf & Country Club

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Whispering Oaks Golf & Country Club -- OUTSTANDING VALUE
Review by: Joel Copeland Played it many times. Expansive layout, well manicured, nice greens. A little dry at times, but thats the neighborhood. Recent updates such as massive waste-bunkers installed in various locations make it attractive, looks expensive. A very fun course to play. Better than 2 or 3 other courses in the area. Water holes are a challenge and beautifully presented. But don't tell anybody, I like the course to myself. Going back Feb 3rd to the 13th 2004.
From Plymouth, Michigan.

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Silver Oaks Golf & Country Club -- Terrible condition!
Review by: Laura Lee Gwinn Worst condition of any golf course in the area! Several holes under construction and difficult to travel from one hole to next on bumpy dirt "cart path". Staff was very rude and apathetic. I can't believe they charge to play this course! You'll have a better round of golf in a cow pasture!
From Tampa, FL