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Cumberland Golf Club -- Underappreciated Track
Review by: Reed Galinac Cumberland is the kind of course avid golfers love. Located a short drive along I-81 S from Harrisburg, this mature course never seems to be choked with casual golfers, so it isn't often you find yourself waiting to make every shot. The course's hallmarks are its challenging par 3s, which, if memory serves, play roughly 187, 205, 167, and 178 (no wedges off the tees, please), and two of the nicest (and longest!) finishing holes in the area. Whether you're bidding to break 100, 90, or 80, the 17th & 18th at Cumberland will MAKE YOU EARN IT! There's also a driveable par 4 that isn't simply a grip it and rip it type -- you've got to be able to work the ball right to left to achieve glory. The place has charm, too. How many courses require you to make two subterranean forrays as you work your way around the course. Throw in generally well-maintained greens and prime time rates of under $40 with cart, and you've got the makings of nifty course that, inexplicably, continues to be a fairly well-kept secret. Bottom Line: Play it once, and you'll be back.
From Harrisburg, PA