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Chantilly Manor Country Club

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Gunpowder Golf Club -- Gunpowder golf
Review by: jabobo The best part about the course is it has character and once you play here u will play other courses with ease. Ease meaning that you will be able to get a decent lie at other courses since the rough is quite litterly rough with all of the rocks and the fairway looks like a well mainted hiking trail. PLaying here also gives you the oppertunity to practice some shots in situations that you would normally not face, such as hitting out of a giant dirt pile in the middle of a fairway or chipping from behind a sprinkeler. And when your buddy coughes when you try to putt on a nice course you will be able to block it out since normally there the green is being mowed right behind you and they dont stop during your back swing.A word to the wise before you putt though, the big hole in the middle of the green, although it is usally more of a brown color with ruts and just dead grass, is a sprinkler not the actual hole. If you want a good adventure course and don't mind having to bring a hammer to put your tee into the ground this just might be a course for you.
From laurel md USA