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Bas-Ridge Golf Course -- Bas Ridge - Summer 2004
Review by: Daniel Alderman I am a member of the grounds crew at Bas Ridge and a frequent golfer at the course. I would just like to tell my fellow golfers that the course is currently in great shape. Due to the abundance of rain lately and the warm temperatures, the grass is growing very thick and lush. Greens are in great shape and are fairly fast. Fairways are also in the best shape I have seen them in past few years and the tees are looking better as well. Currently we have replaced the sand in 3 more bunkers, leaving only 4 bunkers with the old sand in them, and most with the new, soft white sand. Some other summer projects have included clearing brush on some holes out and resodding areas that have been damaged in the past years. In all, the course is in the best shape I have ever seen and in great condition to play on. It is a great short course which I love to play, and is very good practice for your iron game and short game. That is why I rate it 5 stars.
From Hinsdale, MA USA