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Ye Olde Country Club

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Ye Olde Country Club -- An Unchanged Traditional Course
Review by: Ye Olde Joe There are few golf courses in Michigan that are like Ye Olde. It has been around for many years and has reamined pretty much the same since it was built. Freinds gather there year after year to play the same course that they played 20 years ago and thats just how they like it. There is no young caddy driving a new golf cart to greet you when you arrive just a small old clubhouse with a screen door that creeks and leads to a desk with an antique cash register from the 30's. The pro shop is a shelf on the wall with a small assortment of hats and golf balls with no graphite clubs or $500 golf bags in sight. The front deck has just a few tables where friends sit and drink beer and talk about the day while they watch other players come in on the short 9th hole. The course itself is just as traditional and unchanged as the people who play there. The first hole is a par 4 with the tee box just yards from the front deck of the clubhouse. The fairway is bordered on one side by thick woods and on another by a field with long grass that reminds people of St. Andrews. It is a streight shot to the green which like all other greens here is well maintained in a traditional way. The second hole is another par 4 that starts with an uphill shot with no visible flag. the fairway has long grassy fields on both sides. The second shot is down at a green with woods right behind it and it slopes just gradually. The rest of the course would be too wordy to go into but some standout holes include a very long par 5 that starts out with a small pond right off the tee and a long downhill par 4 with a giant willow right in the middle of the fairway. Perhaps the trademark of the course is a gold bell in the fairway of the 6th hole that players ring to let people on the tee know that they can safely tee off. In conclusion, if you are ever in the area and want an old course that remains unchanged and you want to pay less than $20 for a round, Ye Olde is the perfect choice.
From Somewhere, Michigan

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Oak Ridge Golf Club -- Could Use Some Help
Review by: Big Hitter The course has suffered in the past few years from neglect in up keep. Bunkers are stoney and can cause damage to clubs. Fairways need better drainage that occasionally gets addressed. Can become very wet and muddy with a days rain. Any additional time of rain and the place becomes almost useless to cart travel. Watch out on the par 5's 1 & 18. These cuddle up to a small driving range that can cause problems with your errant drives if you are playing the course or those from the range if you are in the fairway. Range balls often litter both fairways during evening play. Course is challenging and fun when the conditions are good. The extras (beverage cart, food, 19th hole) could be very good, but I have often found them to be not available at times. Half-way house has been abandoned that use to provide beverages and light snacks. Seems like this would provide possibilities during league and busy weekends. Water drinking fountains on course have been very nice addition.
From Muskegon, MI