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Fernwood Country Club

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Fernwood Country Club -- Pitch and Putt at its worst
Review by: Mike Frew The entire course is designed like a bowling alley. Kids in bathing suits play tag and they steal your golf balls right in front of you. I have better greens in my backyard. Great place to practice your OB shots, because thats what the fairways feel like. Id give this dump zero stars if I had the option.
From Glen Ridge, NJ

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Maple Ridge Golf Club -- TRASH
Review by: Capper I have played this course 4 times. the latest being 8/15/05. I will never play this course again. It is BY FAR the most poorly maintained course around. Thgreens are HORRIBLE, how do you have clumps of crabgrass ALL OVER every green? And here's a good one, while searching for my partners ball NEAR a tee box, some pimply faced kid tries to earn his pay by letting me know to keep the cart fifty feet from the tee boxes. I wouldn't have been offended if the tee boxes didn't look like sand boxes. Give me a break, kid. I next time someone asks me to play this course i think i'll use my $18 and pay someone to kick me square in the BALL BAG! By the way this course doesn't even rate a 1 star!!!!
From Pitman, New Jersy