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St. Clair Shores Country Club

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St. Clair Shores Country Club -- Great Shape - Slow Play
Review by: Mike I've been playing St. Clair Shores Country Club since 1983. Over the years the quality of the course, ie: fairways, greens and overall layout of the course had improved greatly. It's a fine course to play for all levels. The better golfer may find it a bit short. Most par 4's are in the low to mid 300's. The course is mainly flat, but offers many different obsticles. Plenty of sand makes up for the flat layout. Water also poses problems on several holes. Hole #14, a mid range par three, requires a full carry over water. The main problem with St. Clair Shores Country Club is the SLOW PLAY. The course rangers, while very nice, do not do their job properly. In fact, over the past 20 years, they've gotten progresively worse. So don't expect any help if your stuck behind a group that take's more time than normal. Remeber, it's not a race. At least that's what I tell myself each time I go out to St. Clair Shores Country Club. Needless to say, it gets a bit frustrating at times. In conclusion, the course is maintained quite well. If you can get out on a weekday morning that would be the best time to enjoy your round. The rates are about mid $40's for 18 holes and a cart.
From St. Clair Shores, MI

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Sylvan Glen Municipal Golf Course -- Horrible Service
Review by: Joe Lee The worst staff I have ever encoutered. My friends and I were mistreated when the staff first saw us. The rangers atttitude towards us was unnecessary. He could have calmy told us the rules which required every player had to have their own golf set. Since I am a novice at the game, and have been working on the driving range for 3 month. My friends decided that i could share his clubs while mine was on order, but as we reached the first hole the ranger rush down demand we go back to the pro shop and rent a set of clubs. My friends and i have never herd of such a rule, but apparently it exist since he came up to us agian 10 minutes later and pulled out some random pamplet stating that all players must use their own golf clubs. I think he had it out for us right when we showed up. This man's demeanor was border line racist. This man should be fired due to his mistreatment of customers.
From Troy, MI