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Flossmoor Country Club -- great
Review by: Michael Zajac Letter to the Editor I live in Winchester Tennesse and I came to Chicago Heights area to vist My Family and to see the Western open. Last year I was here to see the U.S. open. I was wishful that Tiger Woods would win both Events. That was not the case. I visted Flossmoor and Idelwild Country Clubs because I Caddied at both clubs. I remember when Jack won the Western open at Olympia Feilds Country club in 1968. I also remember him playing at Flossmoor Country Club the week before with Arnold Palmer, Mark MCcormick, and the Late Bob Mcall. I thought That day would be just another Thusday, I hoped to get a ladies bag and come home with 7 bucks. It was a very quiet day with very little action. The Caddiemaster was Bob Kenne a short and heavey set man in his late 60,s. Bob called all us Caddies inside for a meeting. I was fearful because he fired one Caddie that day for smoking on the course. Bob called us in and Said I have to send all You boys home. I wondered if he was going to fire us all, and go with just carts because it was a rumor going aroud that the club would do so. Bob flat out said due to an emergency of the clubs president that the club would be closed the rest of the day. I thought that the club president was sick or died so I just went home. On the way I rememberd that I left My lunch at the Caddie house and went back to get it. I was walking in the parking lot and saw a large limo come in, I followed it to the clubs main door the driver opened the Limo door and out steped, Jack, Arnold, and Mike. The limo driver opened the trunk and He took out 3 sunday type bags. I had Palmer and Nicklaus sign My lunch bag. Mccormick said He was not a famous Golfer but I said thats ok, and he signed it, I said thank You. Bob Mcall came out with his bag and Said Mike its time to go home. I asked him if I could watch them play and He said NO! so I left and went home. Saterday morning I came back and Bob called Me into his office and I though I was done for. He told me not to say anything about Thusday and He would make it worh My while. Isaid ok. Two Sundays later at the end of My loop and paying Me he said, I got a very special tip for you, He went into his back pocket and gave me the score Card from the Thusday Round. Palmer shot 63, Mcall 67, Jack 61, Mccormick 70. Palmer And Mccall beat Nicklaus and Mccormick 1 up on the bestball match on the last hole. Now I am sitting at My desk writting this wishing I was 14 again, carrying a bag and walking those fairways . I hope My Son Phillip who is 5 now Can someday do the same. Not just to earn a buck but to learn about More about Golf, work, and kindness of others. Here I am Back in Winchester tn, I see kids hanging out, Maybe doing drugs, no Caddie Jobs with in 100 miles. I just like to say to the Caddies out here to have there chin up be proud of what You do and be graetful to the Members because in short You kids have it good. Enjoy The job, create long lasting memorys, because not eveyone has the chances in life as You do. Michael Zajac 421 country club rd Winchester, tn 37398 931-968-9768
From Winchester tn