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St. Mary's Country Club

Additional Golf Course Reviews:
Cabin Greens Golf Course -- Good value
Review by: Joe Golf Sure, Cabin Greens isn't one of the foremost courses in Western Pennsylvania. But it's a fine course to work on your game, without spending too much cash. The course itself is pretty easy. The fairways are wide. The greens are not complex, but they certainly aren't pushovers either -- especially with certain pin placements. There are only a small number of sand bunkers, and water only comes to play on two holes (both par 3s). The conditioning is generally okay, although some areas get a little swampy after heavier rains. All in all, Cabin Greens isn't all that impressive, but you can't beat the price ($8 for the first 9, and $6 for a second round).
From Natrona Heights, PA