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Stephen F. Austin Country Club

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Stephen F. Austin Country Club -- Just a damn fine place.
Review by: George H Bailey Getting out of the city to enjoy a course that challenges my duffer game and rewards me with deer and bunnies running across the fairways is great. The relaxed atmosphere and friendly professional staff are a true joy and great addition. Whenever Im back in Texas my sons (5) and I manage to find at least one day to enjoy life the way it should be, peaceful. PS: Yall need to get the Aggies to find a way to shore up that ditch on 18. Maybe they can fill it with beer cans from UT.
From San Bernardino, California (Wasn't my first choice.)

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Stephen F. Austin Country Club -- Tree line
Review by: David Pierce Great little hide away with lots of deer roaming every time you play. Not long but you must be accurate. Ball placement is the key to a great round. Most see the short par fours and think you need a driver, but good solid 3 woods are your best chance on some holes.If you enjoy a great courses management style of play this is your courses.
From Brookshire Tx.