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Featured Golf Course Review:
Gleneagles Golf Club -- Satan's Glen: Hardest Golf Course I've Played
Review by: Bill Young Glen Eagles gets a lot of negative press due to the location (in the hood...there are projects off the 5th hole), and the fact that it's 9 holes only (though you can re-play it from different tees to make it 18). But the main reason everyone hates it, is because it's hard as hell. Every shot is a utility shot...there is something in your line, you're on a hill, the angle is impossible, the distance make carrying difficult, etc., etc., etc. With a slope of 139, this is one of the hardest courses you will ever play. And the "roughness" of it is simply part of it's charm. Let me put it to you this way...Lee Trevino played Glen Eagles years back, while practicing for the US Open at the Olympic. He couldn't break two rounds. This was in his prime. No, this course is not high-class. Actually, if you need an umbrella in your drink or someone to pick you up at your car so you don't have to carry your bags...don't play Glen Eagles. If you're a sportsman, who wants the ultimate golf challenge...come out to Glen Eagles and try to break 80. When you don't - just head into the bar and have one of many beers on tap and a hot dog. Relax, nobody else broke 80 either.
From San Francisco, CA

Golf Courses: Additional Golf Course Reviews:
Gleneagles Golf Club -- Tough course with small greens
Review by: Jon Molina The guy with the Lee Trevino story is a bit off: Trevino did play this course, but shot 70 and 71.
From San Francisco, CA

Gleneagles Golf Club -- This is a great course
Review by: David Waring I played this course for 6 years before I left the area. I'm glad to here it is still the same. Bill Young's description is spot on (with the exception of Lee Trevino's scores). He was going after the record that if I remember correctly was 67 at the time. This is a very tough course. You will pay for every mistake. But it is a fun to play and the 19th hole is wonderful. I never thought of it as at nine hole course. It is a great 18 hole course, you just happen to use each green twice.
From Seattle WA