San Manuel Arizona Golf Courses

San Manuel Golf Club

Additional Golf Course Reviews:
Falcon Dunes Golf Course -- This has got to be among the best courses in all of Arizona.
Review by: Steve Kratochvil I was stationed at Luke AFB in 1985-87 and could never have imaged a golf course like this could have been constructed there. This golf course is a well-maintained, challenging, and hilly course. Do yourself a favor and plan to use an electric riding cart for your round, you will need it. There are plenty of areas to get into trouble and if you are not a good course manager, plan to take a lot of penalty strokes. The golf course is actually off base but is situated just past the end of the runway, so there are a lot of low flying (and quite loud) F-16s overhead during the weekdays. I was a civilian guest last time I played there and the green fees were consistant with fees for a nice public course with a similar stature and were reasonably affordable. This is an incredibly inexpensive deal for military ID card holders and retirees.
From Tucson, AZ