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Randall Oaks Golf Club -- Maybe It'll Be Better In A Couple Years
Review by: Golfer I was very much a fan of the old design at Randall, but was excited to hear that they would be altering the course, as I thought they would improve it while keeping the character that makes Randall Oaks the popular course it used to be. After playing the course in early May, I can say that I am totally dissapointed with the "improvements" made there. Maybe it was just that the course needs more time to heal, but it was in TERRIBLE condition, and I mean terrible. Giant dry patches of dead sod in the fairway, bare mud in the rough with huge clumps of grass growing around it (guess where your ball will settle 9 times out of 10), and greens that had more sand packed into it than my bathing suit at the beach. Putting was an effort in futility. By the back nine, all the four members of my group could do was laugh at ourselves for being such suckers that we'd pay $50 to play there. They took the distinctive front nine and decimated it, completely neutering Randall Oaks' character. And the worst part is that they charge you like the course is 100% ready for play. I can think of at least 6 courses within a half hour drive of Randall Oaks that charge the same or less in most cases, without all the dead, or nonexistant, grass (including in the fairway). Maybe in a year or two the rough will grow in and the fairway will actually be a place that you WANT to hit the ball. Until then, take a pass and go somewhere else that offers better play for less money.
From Dundee